Longitudinale Analyse der mimischen Gesichtsmuskulatur bei Patienten mit Morbus Parkinson.
Hendrik Speckamp and Tim Berning and Tino Prell and Orlando Guntinas-Lichius and Martin Thümmel and Gerd F. Volk.
Ultraschall in der Medizin - European Journal of Ultrasound (in press). 2019. Best Poster Award
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Long-term home-based Surface Electrostimulation is useful to prevent atrophy in denervated Facial Muscles.
Gerd F. Volk and Martin Thümmel and Oliver Mothes and Dirk Arnold and Jovanna Thielker and Joachim Denzler and Valeria Mastryukova and Winfried Mayr and Orlando Guntinas-Lichius.
Vienna Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation (FESWS). 2019.
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Causal Inference in Nonverbal Dyadic Communication with Relevant Interval Selection and Granger Causality.
Lea Müller and Maha Shadaydeh and Martin Thümmel and Thomas Kessler and Dana Schneider and Joachim Denzler.
International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP). 2019.
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